Bruce Mesnekoff Bio | The Student Loan Help Center

Bruce Mesnekoff became wed in 1996, and has 3 children whom he has watched grow and face many problems.  Every day he comes up with new solutions to everyday struggles, one of the attributes which has qualified him to be a member of MENSA since 2002.

Within the last 20 years Bruce Mesnekoff has focused in on developing businesses aimed towards thousands of children and their families.  An example of one of Bruce Mesnekoff’s businesses was the Children Resource Center in Colombia, Maryland.  This business was to institute education into young children, infancy to elementary school leveled.  The company was produced on the motto, “Reading is the key to learning.”  Families were educated on the importance of educating children at an early age.

SportZtime, LLC, was founded by Bruce Mesnekoff in 2001.  SportZtime brought organized children sports programs to schools with children ages 2-12.  Schools of all different kinds were using SportZtime, such as 100s of daycares, recreational programs, and public and private elementary schools.  Schools that used SportZtime instilled a firm base for exercise and discipline into children at a young age that would carry through their lives.

As Bruce Mesnekoff’s children matured, so did his thoughts and ideas on how he could help other families with older children.  College is a large problem that many families with older children face.  Student loans hinder many families as their children attend college, which is why Bruce Mesnekoff created the Student Loan Help Center in 2012.

The Student Loan Help Center has assisted students and families that are college bound, and has already helped thousands regain control over their student loan debts.  Bruce Mesnekoff appears frequently in the media to speak on behalf of The Student Loan Help Center, and the benefits it has for college students that are trying to repay their loans.  Bruce has become the leading authority on student loan debt, and The Student Loan Help Center is recognized as the top company in the student loan help field by several large media outlets such as Fox Business News and Essence Magazine.

Bruce Mesnekoff has appeared on multiple radio shows including Radio America and America’s Radio News Network, discussing student loan related dilemmas faced today by many students.  He discussed the crisis student loans have caused in America, and offers help to those who are under great pressure concurring with their student loan situation.

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